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B Strata Management
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Phone: (08) 08 9382 7700
312, Onslow Road, Shenton Park 6008 WA

Each individual apartment requires a Synergy account and is separately metered.
Residents are responsible for contacting Synergy (13 13 53) to establish an electricity account.

Residents do not need to open an account with a supplier.
The Strata scheme charges gas usage to each individual apartment.

Residents do not need to open an account with a supplier.
Each apartment has its own hot and cold water meters, which are read electronically. The Strata scheme charges usage to each individual apartment.

Fibre telecommunications infrastructure has been provided to each apartment by the National Broadband Network (NBN Co).
Contact your internet service provider to arrange for your telephone and internet connection.
If you wish to have Pay TV installed, contact a relevant service provider to arrange connection to your home.

There are two mail rooms that are locked at all times and require swipe card access.
For Grandstand residents, your mail room is at 8 Graylands Road. For Reserve residents, the mail room is at 2 Tiger Way.
Box numbers read like this: Apartment number followed by street number. For example, apartment xxx in Grandstand at 8 Graylands Road is marked “xxx-8”.
Grandstand apartment xxx in the north section at 2 Kyle Way is “xxx-2”.
All Reserve apartments have boxes marked “xxx-2”.
Your apartment has been registered with Australia Post for delivery of mail. If you require mail to be diverted from your existing address to your new home in Reserve Grandstand Apartments, apply for mail re-direction via the Australia Post website auspost.com.au

Please note that this information is of general nature only and you should make contact with your insurance provider or broker to find the best option for you.
Insurance for Reserve Grandstand Apartments is the responsibility of both the owners and the Strata scheme. It is important to be aware of who is responsible for what:

Owners are responsible for insuring the contents of their apartment. Generally, this includes:
  • Carpets/Floating Floors
  • Windows and light furnishings
  • Contents
  • Liability cover inside the apartment

The Strata scheme insures the building and Common Property contents. This covers all fixtures of the building (provided they are damaged by an insurable event as defined under the policy) including:
  • The dwelling structure
  • Apartment internal cupboards and benches
  • Apartment internal walls and ceilings
  • Exterior of the dwelling
  • Air conditioners (condenser units are located on the roof which forms part of the Common Property)
  • All common property

Contact the B Strata to lodge a claim relating to the latter coverage.
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